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Certainly, the Clubes de Alterne are full of immigrants, mostly from Romania and Central and South America. Barely 2% of the prostitutes in Spain are Spanish and, of those, hardly any work in the clubs. In the tight communities of Spanish villages and towns this would be tantamount to social suicide – notwithstanding the widespread use and acceptance of the Clubs de Alterne by Spanish men.
Membership of ANELA, a self-policing organisation, is the just about the closest that brothels in Spain get to being regulated in Spain. As a condition of membership, a club must be a properly registered business, such as a hotel or bar licensed for renting rooms. It must also expressly undertake not to allow anyone on the premises under eighteen, any usage of drugs or involuntary prostitution. Furthermore, the club must agree to co-operate fully with the police, whilst ensuring monthly medical checks-up for the women.
The El Cisne club, just south of Valencia city, is a demonstration of the potential benefits of legalisation and regulation. This middle ranking ‘club’ is actually a hotel in which the women live, paying 50 euros a day for full board. A softly-spoken professional hotelier runs the ‘club’, which has a full-time chef, a restaurant, swimming pool, salon and internet area for the women. Only slightly more garish than a UK travel lodge, El Cisne is immaculately clean, tidy and un-intimidating, with a recognisable hotel foyer and several rooms for ‘short term’ rental – each of which has a shower and WC and an emergency button.
Of course, El Cisne has a surreal feel about it as, during the long working hours (5pm to 4am), it has fifty semi-naked women roaming through the large bar area to the rooms above, the internet area or their own salon. There is also a bizarrely competitive atmosphere, as the women desperately try to gain the attention of any men entering the bar, at which time they are free to negotiate any deal they wish. Whatever they earn (normally 60 Euros for half an hour in one of the guest rooms) is a matter for them and of no financial interest to the club.
Left alone to speak to a number of the women, a crude straw poll indicated that the women at El Cisne were there voluntarily, all were immigrants and all had come knowing what they would be doing. Hating the nature of the work, the women saw it as their only way to make any money, having come from desperate poverty in their own countries. They said that their clientele came from all walks of life with three out of ten men treating them gently, whilst nine out of ten men spent no more than half an hour with them. They felt safe at El Cisne and, despite the obviously distasteful nature of the work, were clearly much better off than prostituting themselves elsewhere – let alone on the unprotected horrors of a public street governed by oppressive pimps.
Clearly, brothels in Spain such as El Cisne provide a benchmark delivery system for both a consenting male and female that is practically acceptable. However, the excoriating sadness of prostitution is inescapable. In 2003 Medicos de Mundo published a report in which they stated that: ‘prostitution was the modern slavery of the 21 st century’ and that ‘most women and children abandon prostitution ill, traumatised and poorer than when they started’.
Whilst the Medicos de Mundo report undoubtedly has the sting of absolute truth, it is hard to see how prostitution can be eradicated until the pitiless trauma and impossible conundrum of world poverty is adequately tackled. It is no co-incidence that the overwhelming majority of prostitutes are from countries ravaged by war or dire economic plight. Therefore any ‘consent’ to becoming a prostitute is normally driven by desperation and then, all too often, sustained for too long when an anaesthetising drug habit takes hold.
In Spain, it looks as though the profusion of Clubes de Alterne is here to stay. As Vicente B, a Valencian businessman says: ‘the Clubes de Alterne are a part of Spanish culture. They have always existed in one form or another. It is just that over the past ten years they have become more obvious and much more sophisticated, with some clubs delivering a luxury service in truly opulent surroundings’. Certainly, it is difficult to envisage persuading Spanish men not to use Clubes de Alterne – and if this desire exists and is universally accepted, then there will always be a demand for it, in one form or another.
However, it is hard not to come to the conclusion that Spain has missed an opportunity to courageously legalise and tightly regulate prostitution. Clearly, not doing so only acts to keep prostitution underground and pushes it further into the hands of organised crime, thus continuing to make it unsafe and dangerous for all parties. And it is hard to imagine more vulnerable people than young women working in an appallingly distressing business, often far from home and any possible help. More prosaically, of course, the government is condoning an enormous cash industry that is impossible to tax as, by definition, the earnings are not properly legal.

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