Raunchiest piss party

Raunchiest piss party
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good one Chris. The happy gogo chain in Pattaya has recently raised their rates and they’re the trendsetter. Prices are going up and the baht is only getting stronger; it’s concerning. It’s almost worth the time it takes to actually go on dates ??
Very good information. I want to come thaland for sex.
Err…nope! Come to Thailand for the culture/people/food/weather/scenery first.
The fact that there are some nice (mainly) girls available is a bonus, but certainly not the first reason for visiting this magnificent Kingdom. ??
Depends on your goals, but no doubt, Thailand is a beautiful country.
That +1 intended in reply to Faraday’s comments.
I was with a girl a few weeks ago, met her in a bar & negotiated 2000b for overnight. But I didn’t have to pay a barfine, I was just keen to get her out & obv didn’t quibble. It’s a very small new bar, one counter could hold a max of 20 ppl I guess.
Any thoughts on why I didn’t have to bf her. She was part of the bar & knew everyone, so it wasn’t like I’d just picked up passing trade.
Sounds like she paid it out of the 2000 baht you gave her.
Good comment.Some bar girl’s I met include the bar fine in the negotiation and may not tell you.
Some girls work in bars on a “freelance” basis. They know the boss, probably worked there for some time before — probably met a guy there but the marriage or relationship fell apart or something similar — and are able to work in the bar whenever they want without any strings attached. I have met several girls like this. They are usually very hot and that’s why they can call the shots… they bring customers into the bar just by sitting out the front and looking totally fuckable. A while ago, before I settled down, I had three long-time Thai girlfriends — two were the hottest go-go girls in Chiang Mai, the other was a very cute bar chick — and I got to meet all their working friends and see how the scene worked. I could tell you stories that would curl your hair… assuming you have some.
How much u paid for that 3 long time girl?
Do a blog of your stories or write it down somewhere and tell us how to get the info. from you.
Just one other thing that slightly bothered me was she had a Scorpion tat on her shoulder, really didn’t seem in character. I read on Pk forum – is it defunct now?- that this kinda tat is done by ‘hard core’ girls. But unless I’m a completely bad judge of character couldn’t see her being like that…what ever ‘that’ is.
Got to ‘fess up though, am still in contact with her, & don’t wanna find I’m getting involved with someone extreme. But I’d find that hard to believe.
“A high class Bangkok Soapy Massage is going to be cheaper than a Pattaya Soapy Massage. ”
Think you missed out the word “not”?
I was recently back in Pattaya for the first time in 2 years and was shocked at todays Gogo prices. I’m English so work in GB pounds (?).
2004. 72 bht to the ?.
BF 400 bht Girl would ask 2000 long time, get 1500, sometimes late at night, good to go for 1000.
Lets say 1500 + 400 = 1900/72 = ?26.
2013 43bht to the ?
BF 800 Girls asking 3000 LT, probably good to go for 2,000 (I didn’t put it to the test).
800 + 2000 = 2800/43 = ?65.
Out of my league!
There again I’m not such a handsome sexy man I was 9 years ago ??
Nah it’s not about looks, the price is the price, it’s just getting expensive.
The prices are up due to demand. Young men now are primary costumers and keeping prices up. Before old men was coming to go with younger women. Young men fucking up prices. Why ass wholes can’t fuck in their countries whores? Plane ticket, hotel and other expenses for the young men to fuck average looking oriental whores is very high and this practice is shameful. Do not tell me that they come as truism. They come 7-8 time s to the same town and some learning Thai. Where the fuck are English whores, American hookers. It is no so short supply of whores in Europe and America,
The plane ticket, the hotels and it’s still cheaper and better in Thailand that’s why!
The European and American whores are different. They take the money on the back end, after a divorce. They are different to whores for pay.
And the weather’s better too!
Don’t need to go on really.
very good info: its good to hear that the inflation has not caught up in Thailand…. 1st time i got a shower massage was in Patpong in 2003 @BHT1800 … Heavenly! but i caught a bad cold afterwards from soaping with the lady for over two hours.
Lol, Get away from the cities in the rural towns you can still get great deals for 1500 soapies, Maps in the VIP area of this site show the best ones.
I am 70 yo but early this year (2013) Ihad sex with 5 women in 4 days in Thailand. Thai women are the best.
Hi congrats, Im from South Africa, and the best I did was 3 in 3 DAYS, oh Im 62.
I write about Thailand for guidebooks and sleazy sites, these prices are mostly accurate but it should be noted that there is some room for negotiation, nothing is set in stone (except soapy prices and bar fines). Varies from one venue to the next, if a soapy massage is full of white skinned girls they will be in demand from Thais and likely a higher priced bracket but not necessarily a better fuck. Besides, the most important consideration isn’t how they look but how close to the GFE they are (GFE = girlfriend experience and is paramount).

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