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Yellow Pages directory for Greece in both English and Greek. Also offers reverse search via the advanced search option.
A very basic but good reverse search directory. In Greek. Enter the ten digit number and click the forward arrow button to search. If you enter a number that is too short (for example, 8 digits) you get the following message: Εισάγατε 8 χαρακτήρες. Χρειάζονται 10 ψηφία για τον αριθμό τηλεφώνου. Διορθώστε το νούμερο και ξαναδοκιμάστε. (You have entered 8 characters. It takes 10 digits for the phone number. Correct the number and try again).
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Prostitution Statistics: What You Need to Know.
Prostitution is an old problem and at the same time it may be a solution within human cultures. The idea that prostitution is accepted or not takes accredition from other issues and social beliefs. Statistically speaking, prostitution is a dangerous job where many workers face death, beatings, and rape every day. It is different from one country to the other, but the risk remains the same. Many prostitutes are forced into the sex-for-pay industry. Even where it is legal, prostitution statistics show that workers have few rights, and are not treated as employees. There is no healthcare, retirement, and for many sex workers, there is no hope.
Why Learn about Prostitution Statistics?
An example of how prostitution may seem okay is seen in Argentina where prostitution is legal, but brothel ownership and pimping are both illegal. This places the prostitutes almost as business owners. They have come together to form a union and are working towards recognition by the Argentinean Government to hold the same rights as workers in other industries. That is not to say that the life of a prostitute in Argentina is glorious or even safe. It is to say that the women and a few men who sell sex as a commodity there have more control over how they do business than prostitutes in most other countries.
Why Is Prostitution Illegal?
There are several countries where prostitution, brothel ownership, and pimping are all illegal. Prostitutes in Egypt are imprisoned. Minors who are prostitutes are sent to a correctional facility that is equivalent to prison. The men who would purchase sex from women prostitutes are not charged with a crime. They are, in fact, expected to testify at the prostitute’s trial.
The situation in Argentina and the situation in Egypt represent two entirely different points of views on whether prostitution is good or bad. They offer a glimpses into the darker side of the sex-for-sale industry in that they both begin to suggest that women and children often do not have a say in whether or not prostitution becomes their “job.” Neither begins to discuss the issue of human trafficking, the violence, disease or health concerns of prostitutes, those that are willing and unwilling participants in the sex-for-sale industry.
Global Statistics on Prostitution.
According to Foundation Scelles, as reported in Le Figaro:
Worldwide there is an estimation of 40-42 million prostitutes. 80 percent of the world population of prostitutes are female and range in age between 13-25. 90 percent of all prostitutes are dependent on a pimp.
While these statistics about prostitution are just touching the surface, they indicate the extent of the sex-for-sale industry worldwide. The age range 13-25 years of age is important. The question rises of why are there so few prostitutes over the age of 25. Part of that answer is found in the violence that prostitutes face every second of every day. Even where prostitution is legal the risk and violence that prostitutes face are frequent and deadly.
70-95 percent of prostitutes experience physical assault during work. 60-75 percent of prostitutes are raped while working as a prostitute. 95 percent of prostitutes experience sexual harassment that in other industries would result in legal action. Women who are prostitutes are raped 8-10 each year on average. (
These statistics show just some of the violence that prostitutes face. A common response to these numbers is why don’t women just leave or stop being prostitutes. What readers have to understand is that many prostitutes do not become prostitutes because of their own choice. Many are forced into the sex-for-sale industry. This is a broad industry too. It is not just about women on the street. It is about comprehensive systems that trap women through circumstances that they cannot escape. Some prostitutes sell their body to feed their children. They have no skills; they have little education. They have no resources. Even with public assistance, many prostitutes find no hope in leaving prostitution, especially in underdeveloped nations.

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