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Unlike for many health and development issues, the most important step that can be taken to combat violence is fairly clear: support the nascent initiatives already under way. Some of these are at the governmental level (see box 5 for examples), but most represent the untiring efforts of autonomous women’s organizations that have pushed this issue forward despite local and national resistance. To be effective, work to combat violence must be site-specific, emerging from the cultural and political realities of each country. A wealth of well organized NGOs are already working throughout the developing world on many of the programs outlined below. A recent directory published by ISIS International (1990) lists 379 separate organizations working on gender violence issues in Latin America alone. These groups, which function with little outside support, could easily be strengthened with a minimal investment of resources.
Justice system reform.
The gross inadequacy of most laws in protecting victims or sanctioning violent perpetrators has made legal reform an important priority for many groups working on violence against women. Clearly, amending laws on paper is not enough to ensure change, but strong laws can be a considerable asset in helping women protect themselves from violence. Three critical tasks in legal reform are changing laws that keep women trapped in abusive relationships, removing barriers to prosecution, and eliminating aspects of the law that are prejudicial to women.
A number of laws have worked to trap women in relationships. Article 114 of Guatemala’s Civil Code, for example, grants a woman’s husband the right to prohibit her from working outside the home; among other things, this drastically limits a woman’s ability to gain the financial independence needed to escape an abusive relationship (Garcia 1992). In Ecuador, until a 1989 legal reform, a husband had the right to force his wife to live with him no matter how abusive he may have been ( Fonce, Palan, and Jacome 1992). And in Chile divorce is illegal for any reason, even in cases of extreme violence (Valdez 1992). Such laws put women living in violent relationships at substantial risk.
Laws in other countries make it almost impossible to prosecute violence against women, especially violence perpetrated by an intimate partner. In Pakistan, for example, four male Moslim witnesses must testify before a man can be convicted and subjected to the hadd punishment (the most severe) for rape (Human Rights Watch 1992). It is extremely difficult in Pakistan to get any conviction of rape, even for the lesser tazir penalty (public flogging, rigorous imprisonment, or fines), because the Law of Evidence considers women “incompetent” as witnesses in cases of rape and grants their testimony only the status of corroborative evidence. In 1979 Pakistan passed the hudood ordinance, which made all forms of sex outside marriage-including fornication and adultery-crimes against the state. Women who have failed to meet Pakistan’s high standard of proof for rape have themselves been thrown in trial for adultery or fornication based on their admission of intercourse. Human rights activists estimate that up to 1,500 Pakistani women are in prison awaiting trial for hudood violations (Human Rights Watch 1992).
Rape laws that are prejudicial against women are not uncommon. The definition of rape is extremely narrow in most countries, and the law and judicial systems often treat rape as a crime against public morality, family honor, or-as in African customary law-property, rather than as a crime against the woman. In cases of sexual violence the justice system is almost universally biased against women who are not virgins. In some Latin American countries-for example, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Guatemala-the law defines certain sexual offenses as crimes only if they are committed against “honest”-that is, virginal-women or girls. Laws in Chile and Guatemala specifically exonerate a man who agrees to marry the girl he has raped; his marriage to the victim is perceived as restoring her honor and that of her family (Garcia 1992; Valdez 1992).
Box 5 Government initiatives against gender-based violence.
In February 1991 the government of Canada announced a new four-year Family Violence Initiative, a “call to action” intended to mobilize community action, strengthen Canada’s legal framework, establish services on Indian reserves and in Inuit communities, develop resources to help victims and stop offenders, and provide housing for abused women and their children (Government of Canada 1991).
In 1991 Chile’s Congress created El Servicio Nacional de la Mujer (SERNAM) to advance the rights and opportunities of Chilean women. SERNAM has proposed a program to prevent family violence by promoting legal reform to criminalize domestic violence, documenting the dimensions of the problem, organizing community awareness campaigns to change public consciousness, and opening crisis centers to provide legal and psychological support (Servicio Nacional de la Mujer 1991).
Brazil’s new constitution, enacted in 1988, contains the following provision: The states should assist the family, in the person of each of its members, and should create mechanisms so as to impede violence in the sphere of its relationships (Americas Watch 1991). And Colombia’s 1989 constitution states that “any form of violence within the family is considered destructive to its harmony and unity and will be sanctioned by law” (ISIS International 1993).

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In its darkest days during the 80s and 90s, Chungking Mansions was an squalid centre for drugs, gangs and criminal activity, and yet recently, it was elected as the “Best Example of Globalization in Action” by TIME Magazine and has become somewhat of a Hong Kong legend with adventurous tourists. The Lonely Planet guides features Chungking Mansions as 17th out of the 1010 things to do in Hong Kong, and lists it as second out of the 157 architectural and cultural sites in Asia.

In its darkest days during the 80s and 90s, Chungking Mansions was an squalid centre for drugs, gangs and criminal activity, and yet recently, it was elected as the “Best Example of Globalization in Action” by TIME Magazine and has become somewhat of a Hong Kong legend with adventurous tourists. The Lonely Planet guides features Chungking Mansions as 17th out of the 1010 things to do in Hong Kong, and lists it as second out of the 157 architectural and cultural sites in Asia.

A living hell? Or a limbo filling the gap between different economies, where ethnic minorities and asylum workers can hold more cash in their hands at one time than some might have held in their entire lives…

Recherche en sciences humaines sur l’Asie du Sud-Est.

Who Are the Clients and What They Say about Prostitution in South-East Asia?

Investigating the clientele of prostitutes in order to have a better knowledge of their expectations and practices, to reveal the reasons for their behaviour, is not easy. This penetration of the intimate sphere of the person contradicts deep desires to preserve anonymity and to remain faceless. They want to enjoy clean consciences, by denying any acknowledgement of personal responsibility. This is one of the reasons why clients, although key players in the prostitution industry, have not received the attention of social researchers. Feminists regard this gap as a deliberate omission due to the tacit acceptance of male privilege in the control of sexual practices. Studies focus much more on supply than on demand because of the moral stigma surrounding the subject. There are methodological difficulties in identifying the diversity and heterogeneity of clients. Through 38 interviews with local and foreign clients of Asian prostitutes in Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong, and the testimonies of 15 Indonesian prostitutes, this paper to identifies the motivations, justifications, and profiles of men paying for sex. In the West, the subject in itself is taboo so there are few rewards to declare oneself “the client of a prostitute”. Our interviews show similar aversions in Asia. Anonymity avoids shame and the redefinition of commercial payment into various alternative narratives building on the unequal status of the women in economic, social, and cultural terms protects the male sexual privilege.

Enqueter sur la clientele des prostituees, connaitre ses attentes et ses pratiques, n’est pas aise, car il s’agit de penetrer la sphere intime de la personne, alors meme que celle-ci souhaite preserver son sacro-saint anonymat, demeurer sans visage et profiter avec la meilleure conscience possible, d’une situation dont il ne se sent pas responsable. C’est une des raisons qui explique que le client, pourtant acteur cle dans le phenomene prostitutionnel, n’a pas recu l’attention qu’il merite. Les feministes voient dans cette lacune une omission volontaire due a l’acceptation tacite des pratiques et privileges sexuels masculins. Les etudes se concentrent beaucoup plus sur l’offre que sur la demande prostitutionnelle en raison de l’opprobre qui entoure le sujet et des difficultes methodologiques a cerner la diversite et l’heterogeneite des clients. A travers 38 entretiens avec des clients locaux et etrangers de prostituees asiatiques en Indonesie, Thailande et Hong Kong, et les temoignages de 15 prostituees indonesiennes, l’article tente d’identifier les motivations, les justifications, ainsi que les profils des consommateurs de sexe tarife. Si d’une facon generale, en Occident, le sujet en lui-meme est encore tabou et qu’il est de moins en moins valorisant de se declarer « client de prostituee », nos entretiens montrent qu’en Asie, cette prevention ou ce complexe sautent aisement car les moyens de se dedouaner sont nombreux et les alibis multiples.

Let’s not be hypocrites! What normal man hasn’t used the services of a prostitute at least once? Those who claim they haven’t—would they also swear that they were never even tempted? Even famous lovers like Don Juan and Casanova didn’t underestimate the charms of prostitutes and yet they were certainly not deprived of feminine company. (Jammot & Rocheteix, 1954: 130.)

1 While it is practically impossible to estimate the number of prostitutes operating in Southeast As (. ) 2 Sweden is the first country to have effectively punished a client of sexual services. Since 1 Janu (. )

1 In a study entitled Tourism, Prostitution and AIDS , Mechtild Maurer affirmed that “[. ] in every day life as well as in research and legislation prostitution continues to be considered as solely concerning the prostitute while completely ignoring the existence of the client” (1992: 25). Indeed, the client remains the “Unknown” element of the prostitution business. Too many studies of this business deal only with the “supplier” when in fact prostitution depends above all on demand. While the consumer may remain invisible, he is in fact the base of the whole system.1 Without him prostitution would cease to exist. One wonders then why the client is so systematically excluded from all studies and analysis. Why is his role totally ignored? Who is this client, what is he looking for and why? Feminists tend to view this voluntary omission as a tacit acceptance of masculine sexual practices and privileges. Some European countries, however, have begun to enact legislation aimed at these clients and providing for their condemnation along with the prostitute and/or procurer.2 Yet, even if they are now liable to be fined or imprisoned, the clients remain largely anonymous.

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