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In a famous case of espionage, the Nazi intelligence service SD took over the luxurious Berlin brothel Salon Kitty and equipped it with listening devices and specially trained prostitutes. From 1939 to 1942 the brothel was used to spy on important visitors.
German Democratic Republic (GDR 1945–1990)
After World War II, the country was divided into East Germany and West Germany. In East Germany, as in all countries of the communist Eastern Bloc, prostitution was illegal and according to the official position it didn’t exist. However, there were high-class prostitutes working in the hotels of East Berlin and the other major cities, mainly targeting Western visitors; the Stasi employed some of these for spying purposes. Street walkers and female taxi drivers [ citation needed ] were available for the pleasure of visiting Westerners, too.
Federal Republic of Germany (BRD 1945–2001)
In West Germany, the registration and testing requirements remained in place but were handled quite differently in the various regions of the country. In Bavaria, in addition to scheduled STD check-ups, regular HIV tests were required since 1987, but this was an exception. Many prostitutes did not submit to these tests, avoiding the registration. A study in 1992 found that only 2.5% of the tested prostitutes had a disease, a rate much lower than the one among comparable non-prostitutes. [13]
In 1967, Europe’s largest brothel at the time, the six-floor Eros Center , was opened on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg. An even larger one, the twelve-floor building now called Pascha in Cologne was opened in 1972. The AIDS scare of the late 1980s was bad for business, and the Eros Center as well as several other brothels in Hamburg had to close. [14] [15] The Pascha continued to flourish however, and now has evolved into a chain with additional brothels in Munich and Salzburg.
Anything done in the “promotion of prostitution” ( Forderung der Prostitution ) remained a crime until 2001, even after the extensive criminal law reforms of 1973. This put the operators of brothels in constant legal danger. Most brothels were therefore run as a bar with an attached but legally separate room rental. However, many municipalities built, ran and profited from high rise or townhouse-style high-rent Dirnenwohnheime (lit.: “whores’ dormitories”), to keep street prostitution and pimping under control. Here prostitutes sell sex in a room that they rent by the day. These establishments, called “Laufhauser” in Johns’ jargon are now mostly privatized and operate as Eros Centers . Even before the 2001 reform, many upmarket prostitutes operated in their own apartments, alone or with other women. Luxurious country houses, called “FKK-Sauna-Clubs” are the top end of the scale. There, women and men pay the same entrance fees that range from about 50 to 100 euro and usually include meals and drinks and the prostitutes negotiate their deals with the clients individually, thus avoiding the appearance of pimping (“Zuhalterei”). Illegal variations on that business model, like “Flaterate-Clubs” and “Pauschalclubs” also exist and advertise openly in daily newspapers and the Internet. These establishments charge an “all-you-can handle” fee of about 75 to 90 euro.
Before the 2002 prostitution law, the highest courts of Germany repeatedly ruled that prostitution offends good moral order ( versto?t gegen die guten Sitten ), with several legal consequences. Any contract that is considered immoral is null and void, so a prostitute could not sue for payment. Prostitutes working out of their apartments could lose their leases. Finally, bars and inns could be denied a licences if prostitution took place on their premises.
In 1999, Felicitas Weigmann [16] lost the licence for her Berlin cafe Psst! , because the cafe was being used to initiate contacts between customers and prostitutes and had an attached room-rental also owned by Weigmann. She sued the city, arguing that society’s position had changed and prostitution no longer qualified as offending the moral order. The judge conducted an extensive investigation and solicited a large number of opinions. In December 2000 the court agreed with Weigmann’s claim. This ruling is considered as precedent and important factor in the realization of the Prostitution Law of 1 January 2002. Only after an appeal process though, filed by the Berlin town district, was Weigmann to regain her cafe license in October 2002.
The compulsory registration and testing of prostitutes was abandoned in 2001. Since then, anonymous, free and voluntary health testing has been made available to everyone, including illegal immigrants. Many brothel operators require these tests.
Legislative reform (2002)
In 2002 a one-page law sponsored by the Green Party was passed by the ruling coalition of Social Democrats and Greens in the Bundestag. The law removed the general prohibition on furthering prostitution and allowed prostitutes to obtain regular work contracts. The law’s rationale stated that prostitution should not be considered as immoral anymore.
The law has been criticized as having not effectively changed the situation of the prostitutes, often because the prostitutes themselves don’t want to change their working conditions and contracts. [17] The German government issued a report on the law’s impact in January 2007, concluding that few prostitutes had taken advantage of regular work contracts and that work conditions had improved only slightly, if at all. [18]

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Allan believes the 29 missing prostitutes could have been killed at sea. Prostitutes are often lured onto ships at the Vancouver harbor with promises of free heroin and eager johns, but end up as sex-slaves in a heroin daze until they are thrown overboard. Authorities see this as a possibility. “Whether the boats could be involved is one of the possibilities we’re looking into,” said police spokeswoman Anne Drennan. Allan knows, from conversations with prostitutes at the Safe House, that the ships play a pivotal role in their lives.
“Many of the women I’ve talked to have been on the boats,” she said. “Many of these sex-trade workers are heavily into heroin addiction, desperate for their next fix. Also remember, something like 95 percent of all the heroin coming into Canada hits the shore first right here in Vancouver.” Sailors make a large percentage of the prostitute’s clientele. Consequently, it’s not uncommon for them to go on a boat. Once onboard the women are kept captive as the ship’s sex-toy. Some escape, others, who knows.
Allen says that usually the younger women whose drug habits raging are out of control are the one’s that end up in the ships. “The lure of the drugs,” she says, “the lure of being able to do more dates” gets the women to work the port. Many of those who go on the boats try to have someone “keep their six” — a street expression meaning watching their back. In a story related to Allan at the drop-in center, one woman was locked in a cabin in a Filipino freighter with a big block of heroin and was only let out after her friend “keeping her six” — a Russian sailor — threatened to go to the police with pictures of her getting on board.
“It would be very easy to hide someone on a boat,” said Allan. “When you get to open sea and you’re on nightwatch it would be very easy to toss someone overboard.” Women working the streets near the docks told the Calgary Sun they believe the sea slaughter is a feasible explanation for the disappearances. Dumped from freighters and international commercial ships far out in the Pacific Ocean, the bodies would forever vanish. Though, if several men were involved, one would eventually talk. Plausibly, it could be a foreign crew coming into town periodically.
On Portside Park, overlooking the harbor, a memorial stone dedicated to all the Downtown Eastside murder victims has been unofficially made into an altar in honor of the missing women. There Wayne Leng remembers with sadness his missing friend Sarah DeVries, a 29-year-old heroin-addicted prostitute who disappeared in 1998. Leng, a 50 year-old automotive technician , was the last person to see her alive. Consumed with finding her, Leng has done everything from plastering posters all over Vancouver’s red-light district to making a web site dedicated to the missing prostitutes.
Warm and friendly, the disappearance of Black Sarah, as she was known by everyone in Vancouver’s red light district, was a particularly hard blow for the Downtown Eastside. Unlike other victims, Sarah came from an upper middle class family who have put the time and energy to bring to attention the enfolding tragedy. DeVries’ sister Maggie, who has been openly critical about the authorities’ attitude, has put a grieving face to the endless cavalcade of unsolved cases. Together with Wayne Leng they have turned Black Sarah into the symbol for the missing .
DeVries, like the 28 other women, was a street junkie and prostitute. Like the others, she was shooting up to $1,000 worth of drugs a day in between tricks. She had HIV and hepatitis. Like the others she worked an area known as the Lower Track where $10 can buy oral sex. Some might even go cheaper, for a pack of cigarettes and a rock of cocaine.
But unlike the others, she came from an affluent family that got involved after she disappeared. DeVries had a restless mind that she revealed in a journal full of poems, thoughts and drawings. In a strange twist of fate, she appeared in a TV documentary where she appears talking to the camera and shooting-up. “When you need your next fix, you’re sick, puking, it’s like having the flu, a cold, arthritis, all at the same time, only multiplied a hundred times,” she said to the camera. Sarah said there are only three ways off the streets. “You go to jail, you end up dead, or you do a life sentence here.”
Here is one of her poems reflecting her tragic struggles with drugs and life on the streets.
Woman‘s body found beaten beyond recognition.
You sip your coffee,
Taking a drag of your smoke,
Turning the page,
Taking a bite of your toast.
Just another day, just another death,
Just one more thing for you to forget,
You and your soft sheltered life,
Just go on and on,
For nobody special from your world is gone.
Just another Hastings Street whore.
Sentenced to death.
No judge, no jury, no trial, no mercy.
The judge’s gavel already fallen,
Sentence already passed.
Sadly, Sarah poems will remain as the voice of 29 victims that lived and died on the margins of society, for no fault of their own. She is but another lost life cut short by someone preying on the weak and vulnerable. Someone who sees no value in life: another ruthless predator on the loose.

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