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Freedom House Country Report – Political Rights : 5 Civil Liberties : 4 Status : Partly Free.
[accessed 28 June 2012]
Human Rights Watch.
[accessed 30 December 2010]
U.S. Library of Congress – Country Study.
Library of Congress Call Number DS563.5 .T4563 1989.
[accessed 19 June 2017]
"Modern day slavery". Prostitution in Thailand.
exquis Dodano : 30 July 2003.
[accessed 30 December 2010]
To every one of us being a child means playing, laughing, eating ice cream, being surrounded with loving and caring parents. For children in Thailand however, this is just a mere image of the impossible. Thousands of them are tricked, drugged and then sold or abducted into prostitution. Trafficking in human beings for the purpose of prostitution is described as “the modern day slavery”. As Orlando Patterson, a Sociologist at Harvard University defined it, “slavery is the permanent, violent domination of natally alienated and generally dishonored persons”. It robs the individual of her honor, self respect and self consciousness.
A Modern Form of Slavery: Trafficking of Burmese Women and Girls into Brothels in Thailand (Paperback)
Human Rights Watch (December 1993) — ISBN-10: 156432107X, ISBN-13: 978-1564321077.
[accessed 30 December 2010]
by Women’s Rights Project (Human Rights Watch) (Author), Asia Watch Committee (U. S.) (Author), Dorothy Q. Thomas (Editor), Sidney Jones (Editor).
Fighting Child Trafficking.
Peter Hadfield, Deutsche Welle News, 01.09.2007.
[accessed 30 December 2010]
"Families are still struggling to survive, and often, the poverty and the disparities between countries, and also between rural areas and the towns, pushes children and families to seek better opportunities," says Ravi Kaneta , who works in the child protection section at UNICEF, which focuses on child trafficking and sexual exploitation.
He says Thailand has become a regional magnet for trafficked children, and the routes are only now becoming clear. The children end up working in factories, as beggars on the streets, or worse, in brothels.
Singaporean man arrested on human trafficking charges – Result of ongoing investigations in Thailand and abroad.
Pattaya Mail, 22 May 2004.
[accessed 30 December 2010]
The charges brought against Lui Bok Poh were the result of ongoing investigations in Thailand and abroad. Poh allegedly transported women to Singapore and Malaysia for prostitution and would often pay for their visas and air tickets. Minders in those countries would deduct the expenses as the women earned their way out of debt before returning to Thailand.
Police revealed that, in cooperation with international agencies, they have a long list of those involved in human trafficking and will eventually arrest them all, confiscating all their assets in the process.
Video Warns of Human Traffickers’ False Promises.
The Nation, Thailand, 30 September 2003.
[accessed 3 May 2012]
He said the majority of the young trafficking victims who saw the video said they had not been aware of the risks and possible consequences associated with work migration. Khammoune Souphanthong , director of the Lao Social Welfare Department, welcomed the video, saying it would be a useful tool in educating Lao children on the dangers of trafficking. Local and Thai procurers lure Lao boys and girls with false promises of well-paid jobs in Thailand, he said. Many young Laotians were easy prey because they were attracted by the chance of becoming " modernised " in the style of role models seen on Thai television, he said.
Thai families partners in child sex trade – Border area’s products are drugs and daughters.
Andrew Perrin, San Francisco Chronicle, Mae Sai, Thailand, February 6, 2002.
[accessed 16 August 2012]
When Burmese migrant Ngun Chai sold his 13-year-old daughter into prostitution for $114, his wife, La, had one regret — they didn’t get a good price for her. "I should have asked for 10,000 baht ($228)," La Chai said. "He robbed us."
Human traffic, human rights: redefining victim protection [PDF]
Anti-Slavery International, ISBN: 0 900918 55 1.
[accessed 23 June 2013]
[page 177] LAH – Lah , an ethnic minority woman from Burma was trafficked into Thailand to work in prostitution. She was discovered during a police raid on the premises where she was staying. There was no arrest or prosecution against the owner of the massage parlours who, according to Lah and other women, was directly engaged in trafficking and benefiting from it. Police were insensitive to the needs of the women because they regarded them as willing prostitutes.22 Lah’s lawyer was denied access to participate in the process of taking the deposition from Lah and the other women.23 Critical information regarding the massage parlours and the participation of the owner was missing from the police file of the case.
Gender Concerns a Case Study of Thailand.
Sudarat Sereewat , FACE (Fight Against Child Exploitation) — This paper is for Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs Regional Consultation on Gender Concerns focussing on Girls Trafficking and Forced Prostitution, 14 – 19 September 2001, Bangkok, Thailand.

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Don’t tell me you don’t know politicians do bad things everywhere? You don’t sound like a person who was born yesterday.
Sometimes it is the only way for transexuals in Iran.
Firstly, the gay men are told it is the solution to their "problem". Then they have a sex change and they are still regarded abnormal . Noone will give them a job. Lesbians and gay men are seen as unacceptable and have to transition to fit into societal ‘norms’. Unfortunately those transitioning are still subject to prejudice and discrimination and are often cast out from their families. Facing poverty, many are sexually exploited and abused and turn to prostitution. People may say it is off-topic, but my point is that it is problems in Iranian society that turns some ordinary people to prostitution as the option to just survive.
Lets face it – prostitution would not exist ANYWHERE unless there was demand for it. So for those who just judge the women, who is keeping them in employment?
Prostitution is a common thing all over the global village,
. stoning of women is not.
I respectfully disagree with your statement here:
To be quite honest, with no insult intended, women in Iran (i emphasize in Iran not abroad) who smoke cigarrettes are looked at as morally mufles or bankrupt.
Kahmenei’s daughter lit up a cigarette when she left my bed this morning, and I didn’t judge her negatively. Neither did I judge Khamenei’s wife and sister when they left my bed last week and lit a couple of cigarettes. I guess the nasty habit runs in the family. so does killer bodies, if I may be so bold to add.
Prostitution occurs everywhere.
I’m not sure why you guys try to make it unique to Iran, it occurs everywhere. Many prostitutes themselves choose to be prostitutes, they want easy money, they turn to prostitution. Much like there are gamblers out there, prostitution itself is like a disorder too, while some do it out of desperation, others do it out of enjoyment, they don’t want to work hard or get a successful career, so they turn to prostitution.
I’m not sure why you guys limit it to the IRI, when every country in the world has prostitution. There are many women in Iran from poor families, and 100% of them are not prostitutes, they work hard to get from point A to point B, without prostitution. I don’t buy into these excuses of these women in the video, they are not even from the rural areas, they are from the cities, that even implicates that they have some what of a desire to head into this dirty business.
I’m sure if every poor woman in Iran sold herself into prostitution, all our men would have AIDS by now, because of the rampant amount of clients, and sexual contact from one person to another, but that’s not the case.
I know people in rural areas who had limited electricity, gas, and water, and managed to make the most of their lives through hard work and 3-4 different jobs, and eventually some of these boys and girls, made it to universities and finally established careers for themselves, many children of people who worked in textile factories and farms, so there’s no excuses. These prostitutes just want a shortcut in life and subsequently get punished for it.
If you think that these things only happen in Tehran, you are either totally brainwashed, or have stuck your head in the religious sand far too long much like the other so called people of the faith.
You’re lucky that your family does not prostitue themselves, but the atmosphere of extreme poverty created by the incompetence of those you support has produced this – make no mistake about it.
Your Islamic ideology (and that of any other eligion) is a failure.
Religions cannot legislate morality for morality is a superficial notion invented by mankind to mask his shortcomings.
Say. what do you call SIGHEH then? Prostitution sanctioned by the divine?
Agha-ye, aziz. Who said prostitution is merely about sex?
Prostitution these days is not about sex. Prostitution is about poverty and massive economic disparity and dislocation, a fact of life in Iran that not even the most lock-jawed supporter of the regime can deny anymore. Face it, that this endemic problem exists, and it does, is because your so-called revolution ultimately failed in bridging the social disparities of class and social mobility in Iran. In fact things got ten-twenty times worse than what they were under the Shah, and at least the Shah was attempting to institute a universal social welfare program which you people haven’t even attempted for all your talk and lip service about the mostazafin . Add to that the fact that your regime is both pathologically obsessed with sex while denying it and psychotically attempting to control it at the same time, and no wonder such a problem blows out of proportion as it has.
I was in Iran too in 2003 and I saw for myself that this problem exists. So what are you talking about? I am happy for you and your family around Iran who don’t prostitute themselves. That says something about the uniqueness of your family who are probably beneficiaries of the system anyway, but not about everyone else who aren’t as advantaged as you are.

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