Mark feuerstein hustler

Mark feuerstein hustler
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Happy hunting, Pete.
..well, i have a really good and cheap alternative for you, guys….
you surely know these old radiators with the ample rips? well, go and get one, than u get two good and juicy steaks in ur next supermarket, put this steaks in between the rips of the old radiator and poke ur bobtail in, guys, that give u true satisfaction for easy money.
although its going back a while (sept/oct 2014) i had 22 ‘encounters’ where i had some sort of sexual service, this included massage parlour bj’s, massage parlour full sex, Soi 6 girls, freelancers, Kineree club, the average price per encounter was ?30 give or take a couple of ?’s, the worst of these ladies was what i would call reasonably attractive, the best were gorgeous.
I want to get a Factory lady.
How Can I get her?
I met a young factory girl at a massage shop and very cute. She just started working massage and left the factory. I am trying to get her out on a date but her english is not very good and all she says is I have to pay her boss. I am trying to explain we go when you not work… I don’t think she is understanding what I am asking…
A translation app is your friend or hire or ask someone to translate for you. That should solve your issue. Come on now, surely you thought of that lol.
Hey can you do an update on prices? I recently went to a brothel near the moat in Chingmai. The one that use to be a noodle shop near the old city. Girls are nice looking there but the cost was 1500 baht. I was expecting cheaper. No gfe.
1500 is the going rate these days, if you want cheaper though go to the Burmese brothels in Santitum across the road from the fire station.
Fantastic things about Thailand: The music ( if only they actually allowed to to play it in bars!), The bar parties, complete with balloons, live music and food. The time you can have with girls. The local street food. The street vendors making for interesting viewing. Frustrating things about Thailand: Ask five hundred girls for some fun in the naughty place and four hundred and ninety nine responses given in successive will be that you should have sex with a transgender man. Taxi drivers changing the agreed fare after you have embarked on a journey. Long term Ex Pats who treat the place like little England “Ello daalin fish “n” chips ti day lave” who give you their advice that you should only speak English to Thai people and who generally talk rubbish from their expertise of Thailand, like there being no National Heath Service, no Goverment pensions and all children leave school uneducated at the age of twelve. You can usually spot these characters, as they make reference to their English Passports and English Driving licences, wherever they may obtain such obscure items. Other slightly annoying things include the lack of understanding that a quiet beack is one that only you are on, without hundreds of deck chairs, screaming Jet Skies, people constantly trying to sell you things, and hundreds of people. Indian tailors trying to shake your hand and sell you a suit. Who goes to Thailand because they want to buy a suit.
The indian Tailors part cracked me up. Its so true.
!! They pretend they made suits out of diamonds or something when at best you get isba low quality suit.
Travelling to thailand late July. which place is best for sex meet up with hot girls Pattaya or Phucket & what is it price-wise?. also what is the weather like at late July time?.
Guys, I have lived the winters in bangkok and pattaya for 19yrs and will be heading back this winter[2015] for 5-6 months,.Think about it 30-33 baht to the dollar for a all nighter try that in north america..da….Last count by the pattaya tourist ass, was 40,000 bars in pattaya and 25,000 girls go to work every day….Take my advise buy a ticket and check it out,
you will be back every holiday u can get…CANADA.
what is the main strip in pattaya is it walking street? also how would you know if the hotels allow girls in? or if there is a charge etc? would need to know prior to booking. and how much is the taxi fare from bangkok to pattaya? apparently it’s a 2hour drive from what i seen on google maps :/
Jezz, “the “main strip” would be Beach Road, however Walking Street is the main night time entertainment area although there are many others. You can see many examples of it on Youtube.
Most hotels in Thailand are guest friendly. Its the more upmarket ones (4 – 5*) such as Marriott that would make a charge. The trick is to be sure you book the room for 2 people.
Taxi fare from Suvarnabhumi airport to Pattaya around 1,000 – 1,200 bht. Bell Transport Bus service to your hotel door 230 bht.
The answers to all these questions and much more information are readily available on the internet. Just type your question into Google.
Johnnie im planning to go in mid july. what would i be looking at prise-wise for a girl LT and ST(Long time/short time). I am 26years old, friendly and a decent looking chap if that helps ??
Jezz I’m out of touch with prices these days. I’m sure they’ve been discussed here before, have a look around the old topics here. Also Googling Pattaya Addicts will provide all that kind of information and lots more. Depends where you’re finding the girl. Beach Road freelancers probably 500 or less ST, 1000 or under LT. Bars: 500 – 1,000 ST, 1,000 – 1500 LT. + 300 bar fine. Go Go bars are much more expensive (but you can see what you’re getting) and have different prices. Bar fine typically 600 & up but might be lower very late at night. Price guess would be 1000 and up ST, maybe 2500LT. Some bars have different prices for different girls, i.e coyote dancers or lesbian show girls would be more expensive. ALL things are negotiable in Thailand. Don’t be shy to tell the girl exactly what you want to do, they’ve heard it all & more before and to barter. 1st price is an asking price to see if you’re gullible enough to pay it – especially if you’ve mentioned its your first trip. Also the more expensive hotel you stay in, the higher the price will be because obviously you have money if you are staying in a swanky gaff.

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