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We are also concerned about the recommendation to loosen the brothel keeping legislation to allow independent women to work together in the same premises. While women’s safety and well-being is our primary concern, we are concerned that pimps, traffickers and other commercial interests will seek to exploit any such change in the law and this will lead to more women being pimped, trafficked, and exploited. We are therefore alarmed that the committee has recommended this legislative change without a rigorous plan to ensure that it cannot be exploited by pimps, traffickers and procurers.
In addition we have similar concerns to those set out above on the decriminalisation of soliciting – that without accompanying sex buyer legislation and a tightening of the pimping regulations, it would normalise prostitution and lead to an increase in all aspects of the sex trade, including the number of women and children being drawn into it.
The section of the report on the Sex Buyer Law is perhaps the most disappointing of all. The section starts by saying that a “large proportion of the evidence we received was from individuals and organisations arguing in favour of the introduction of a Sex Buyer Law in England and Wales.” The report then goes on to largely ignore that evidence and to extensively quote and refer to those who are clearly opposed to this approach.
For example, this section of the report quotes or refers to 17 people or organisations who are clearly ideologically opposed to the Nordic Model, three who support it and three who appear to be neutral, as shown in the following table.
Nordic Model Information Network APPG on Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade Mika Malmo.
Swedish Government Norwegian Ministry of Justice ACC Nikki Holland.
Amnesty International Northern Ireland Justice Minister, David Ford Professor Peter Shirlow of the University of Liverpool Support and Advice for Escorts (SAAFE) The Sussex Centre for Gender Studies Laura Lee Professor Philp Hubbard of the University of Kent The Sex Work Research Hub The New Zealand Prostitutes Collective Dr Jay Levy International Union of Sex Workers Action for Trans Health Bridie Sweetman Feminists for Solidarity Sweden The Sussex Centre for Gender Studies Miss E, a sex worker Sex Worker Open University.
Moreover much of the “evidence” in this section from those who are opposed to the Nordic Model is biased, not strictly relevant, or is conjecture and argument.
For example, under the subheading, “Health,” the Sex Work Research Hub is quoted as stating that “data from multiple countries linked criminalisation of sex work with up to a five-fold increase in risk of HIV infection or other sexually transmitted infections.” However, the research referenced does not appear to have been conducted in a country that has implemented the Nordic Model approach. We therefore question the relevance of including this quotation here.
Another example is the report saying that Bridie Sweetman “argued that the Swedish model limited the ability of sex workers and their clients to access preventive health measures and health checks; was associated with a drop in willingness to carry and use condoms; and workers were more likely to engage in unprotected sex out of desperation for work and the inability to report a client for insisting on unprotected sex.”
However, her written evidence on these points is mostly pure conjecture, such as that a client would have to admit to committing a crime in order to seek a sexual health check-up and that a “sex worker” would be “further stigmatised and degraded if they seek assistance from sexual health providers.” Similarly she says: “There is also a drop in willingness to carry and use condoms for two reasons: condoms are often used as evidence of transactional sex.” However, this is backed up by a reference to page 88 of a World Health Organisation publication from 2013, Implementing Comprehensive HIV/STI Programmes with Sex Workers which does not mention the Nordic Model.
Arguments for and against the Nordic Model.
The bias of the committee is further revealed in the way the arguments for and against the Nordic Model were presented.
The arguments for were put under the heading “Potential benefits of a Sex Buyer Law” and amounted to two brief paragraphs; whereas the arguments against it were put under the heading “Arguments against a Sex Buyer Law” with two entire pages separated under a number of subheadings, containing many quotations, most from those who are ideologically opposed to the Nordic Model or have vested interests in the sex trade.
For example, page 26 quotes the International Union of Sex Workers (IUSW). In an interview with Julie Bindel and Cath Elliott, Douglas Fox, one of the leading figures in the IUSW, admitted that it is an activist and lobbying group rather than a trade union and that it includes pimps, who are redefined as managers and “sex workers”.
Another example is self-described “sex worker”, Laura Lee, who was quoted several times in the report, including in this section on page 25. She uses advertisements on social media both to accrue business and for political campaigning. She has raised funds for a legal battle against the Sex Buyer Law in Northern Ireland directly from men who pay for sex regularly. Thus there is a potential conflict of interest, as her public position and expressed views must take into account the wishes of those who fund her campaigning work.

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