Laser treatment for facial scars

Laser treatment for facial scars
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Prostitutes and Monaco – an observation.
I have not updated the site for several weeks now. The reasons are poor, but mainly reflecting a lot of travelling and work.
I have never been big on presuming the shallowness in people, but have discovered an interesting phenomenon over the last few weeks. The viewing stats for Letters from Monaco soar when I mention prostitute, hookers or gold diggers. It took me a while to find the correlation until I looked at the search stats.
What does this tell us? For one thing, there are a lot of people out there trying to find hookers in Monaco. Do these people not open their eyes when they walk into a bar! Secondly, perhaps I should set up a niche site “Hookers from Monaco” to supplement the Letters!
Fortunately for our other readers, my objective is not about viewing figures. Frankly, for me a smaller number of genuinely interested people are worth much more that sure high numbers of people screening from a phone number or some slutty pics. But hey, it won’t stop me mentioning the ladies of negotiable affection when the situation warrants it.
The gold-diggers are out – it must be summer! A spotter’s guide.
It must be summer as the gold-diggers are out and about in Monaco!
It is one of those things that you learn to spot early on when you move to Monaco and never forget. Some, as one of my friends will tell you, at significant personal cost.
I was walking through a hotel lobby to go to the bar to meet a friend for a drink. I was early so had time on my hands. If I had not seen it all before, perhaps I would have thought it was my good looks and charming personality that drew her to me. I suspect rather that this woman was a seasoned expert. She had spotted my parking my car and drew some rapid conclusions about my wealth and therefore, eligibility, for her needs.
She was gorgeous and attractively dressed, probably mid 30s. Nothing overtly sexy, but definitely making sure that you could see she had a beautiful body. I guess she followed me at a discrete distance into the bar as once I was seated at a table, I spotted her sitting down at a nearby table. She started to chat very casually and in a completely normal and inoffensive way.
And this is the way of the professional gold-digger. Nothing over the top or dramatic, just lots of small subtle moves that all form part of the master plan.
There are two key matters she news to get onto the table quickly with you. Firstly that she has either just arrived in Monaco and does not really know anyone and is looking for a job. The alternative approach is that she has been here for some time, but is now between jobs and looking for something new.
The second matter on her agenda is to quickly establish if you are married. Not that this is a stop/go question for her. If you are single, she will move seamlessly into the moving-in step plan. If married, then into the kept woman step-plan as it is important that she gives out the right signals from the start. If single, then she is all about how she would like to find someone to settle down with some years down the track. If married, then she will be telling you how she values her independence and doesn’t really ever see herself settling down. You have to admire their focus as they deliver their plan.
They are masters at the rapid relationship development and generally take around three weeks for first meeting to achieving their goal. I have a good friend who has been down both tracks, of moving in and kept girlfriend, although fortunately not at the same time. He succumbed to the “there is a problem with the water/heating/aircon in my apartment” gambit after seeing her for about two weeks of a passionate affair and the rest, as they say, is history. They never go back!
The kept girlfriend is a bit trickier for them to pull off, as they have to have you fawning over them like a puppy and start to develop a play of the worsening financial situation at the same time, generally concluded by a crisis of some sort. Again, they are masters, oozing passion and sexual favours as the unsuspecting man falls deeper and deeper into the honey trap. Soon the cheque book is out and she is financial secure again.
This normally lasts for 6 to 12 months, although some do go on for a very long time. It generally is a function of how wealthy the man is. Our gold-digger can only establish early on that he is wealthy and can afford to fund her. However, as time goes on the less wealthy he is the less he is prepared to support her and, for her, as she finds out the real depth of his wealth, she starts to think about trading up for a richer model.
The real sorry tale in all of this is the longer term model who, sometimes after many years, gets traded in for a younger model. Often, she is well past her sell by date and her charms and techniques developed over many years start to lose their power. She has the charm, but she just doesn’t have the looks or body to pull it off any more.

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