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The project would not only put an end to the terrible situations which prostitutes are subjected, but would also help to avoid child prostitution and human trafficking for sexual exploitation. The Gabriela Leite law also emphasizes the urgency to regulate prostitution houses and the difference between: sexual services and sexual exploitation.
Sex as a Tourist Attraction and Child Prostitution.
Some countries are recognized worldwide by their sexual tourism, a practice defined by the Tourism International Organization as, “a travel with the purpose of establishing sex relations with the residents of the visiting country” – with money as the trading factor.
Brazil is also a target of sexual tourism, mainly characterized by child prostitution. Foreigners come to Brazil mainly from Europe and – in a lower scale – from united States, looking for sexual relations with minors. The child sexual tourism is an extremely serious problem to the Brazilian State, especially in coastal areas and in touristic complexes in the Northeast.
Risks of Child and Adolescents’ Sexual Exploitation Per State.
A study of the Federal Police indicates 1,820 points of risks in Brazilian federal highways. A big part of the points are concentrated in the Northeast (545) and 67% in the urban areas. The other regions of the country also present high concentrations: South (399), Southeast (371), Center West (281) and the North (224).

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