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Indian girl losing virginity
So there you are, a bit tipsy – something also not recommended for a good session of sauna – and heating up your surroundings with your own body… and 5 minutes after starting you realize you can’t breathe. “Am I dying of love?” you ask yourself. And no, it is probably a heatstroke because of all the sport you’re doing in a closed room at 120? degrees. And pray for not having anything metallic on you: bracelet, watch, necklace… that will increase its temperature thanks to the love and to the burnt wood up to 500%… so be careful with the burns…
Summarizing: sex is good everywhere, but there are better places to do it than in a sauna.”
The third story about sex in the sauna tells us the following:
“About sex in the sauna, I think that is something that everyone who’s not used to it has thought of. Everyone naked and with the heat… doesn’t it end like a porn movie?
I have to say two things about that. One, that I also thought this way, specially if you’re with someone who is more than a friend, and that I finally changed my mind. Two, that the Finns don’t think like that. For them the sauna is a place for cleanliness, relaxation (no, not that kind of “relaxation”…) and it has no sexual connotations, something that in the south of Europe might sound peculiar.
And even though I tell you that, there will come the day that you’ll want to try it nvertheless. Because, damn it, it will still be on your mind to try it out for yourself. My advice: don’t do it, not it the sauna at least. If you suddenly feel the passion, get out of the sauna, into the shower area or into the dressing room (if it is private, of course. If is public that is up to you…) and it will be much better.
I am no doctor, so I can’t give that kind of advice, but with the temperatures of the sauna, such an active exercise can be very bad for you, especially if you suffer some sort of heart disease. It is very hard for people to simply sit in the sauna for 10 minutes, so imagine how it would be if you add the sex in the sauna exercise on top. And you don’t want to do it quickly, right? Sauna is for relaxing.”
Another person I asked for this post told me that, indeed, Finns see the sauna as being an almost sacred place. A place for cleanliness and purification. A place where babies used to be born because it was sterilized, and that nobody in Finland would think about using it for sex.
That, and simply standing the heat is enough trouble inside a sauna.
Do you have some sex in the sauna experience? The comments are open , and you can comment as anonymously as you want.
I’ve been writing about Finland for 8 years. In these articles I am trying to transmit my passion for Finland, its marvelous nature and cities, its people and the culture of the country. Thanks for reading!
N.J. woman used teen girl as a prostitute, prosecutor says.
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BRANCHBURG – A township woman who allegedly engaged in prostitution and used a teen girl as a prostitute has been arrested following a sting operation, Somerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson announced in a news release Tuesday.
Danielle Belford, 20, is accused of prostituting out a 16-year-old female, as well as engaging in prostitution herself, according to the release.
On May 12, an undercover detective from the county’s prosecutor’s office contacted Belford through her online advertisement and set up a meeting, authorities said.
During their meeting, Belford negotiated with the detective a sexual act involving herself and the 16-year-old victim, it was stated in the release.
At that point, Belford was placed under arrest.
Belford was charged with third-degree endangering the welfare of a child and fourth-degree promoting prostitution by procuring a prostitute for a patron. She was released on her own recognizance.
The 16-year-old victim was placed in the care of the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency, authorities said.
Detectives are continuing the investigation.
The arrest is the second in the past week involving a teen being used for prostitution.
On May 11, a New York pair were arrested in Elkton, Maryland and charged with using a 16-year-old Somerset County teen as a prostitute.
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