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There was someone’s cock buried in his ass, rocking into him with shallow thrusts. Their hands were gentle on his hips, canting his ass up so they could fuck into him at the perfect angle, stroking over his prostate with every thrust. Jongin gasped at every stroke, desperate to rub himself against the bed but he wasn’t the one setting the pace and those hands kept him just at that angle where his cock were inches away from a flat surface, unable to get any stimulation. The cock inside in his ass were in and out, plundering him in a relaxed but relentless rhythm, never faltering, never pausing, just like a fucking machine. Jongin moaned into his pillow, delirious from being used like a fucktoy.
He bit down on his lips, feeling his heartbeat speed up. They weren’t supposed to call him Jongin on a job.
He let out a strangled gasp as a heavy body slammed on top of him, knocking him out of breath as his face smashed to the pillow.
“Yah, Jongin, wake up you ass!” The heavy lump on him shouted into his ears, and Jongin’s eyes flew open. His roommate was the worst. The worst .
“Ugh Kyungsoo. What the fuck are you doing on my bed, get your fat ass off me.” He groaned into the pillow, desperate to burrow himself back under his blanket and continue the very good dream he had been having. Fortunately, the heavy lump finally decided to move. Except Kyungsoo just decided to shift onto a sitting position and slapped his ass through the blanket.
“Hey, don’t be jealous my ass is better than yours! You were making weird noises in your sleep, I was getting annoyed so I decided you gotta wake up. What the hell were you- Oh.”
His blasted roommate did not just rip the blanket off him. Jongin wanted to scream.
“Go away ,” Jongin whined, not caring how frustrated he sounded. Where the hell did his roommate leave all his masturbation etiquettes? Kyungsoo was fun at times, but most of the time he was just an amazingly obtuse pain in the ass. Jongin grabbed his blanket back, throwing it over his head, but not before Kyungsoo managed to throw himself under it at the same time.
“What the fuck, what are you doing, get off my bed. ” Jongin struggled, jabbing his elbows and kicking back at Kyungsoo as the other boy latched onto him from behind under the blanket, but his movements were sluggish and tired. He was still half-asleep, he just wanted to go back to his nice dream, what was wrong with Kyungsoo anyway?
Jongin’s hips jerked up as fingers that were not his cupped over his erection, his mouth unintentionally letting out a small desperate whimper. He was really, really hard apparently.
“I could help?” He could feel Kyungsoo’s grin on his shoulders. Jongin groaned in annoyance, but he was already fucking into that hand, taking advantage of the much needed friction.
“You know what would help? Your getting down there and sucking me off with those lips, because there are better things for your mouth to be doing.” If he sounded more than a little bitchy, it was because he was still sleeping, really. Kyungsoo hummed as if he was actually considering the option.
“I don’t know. maybe not.” Kyungsoo rolled his hips up, and Jongin could feel the other boy’s growing hardness nudging between his buttocks. Jongin rolled his eyes, but still rocked back against him, their bodies spooning together, his back pressed against Kyungsoo’s chest, soaking in the sleepy warmth of another body in his bed. He felt warm and hazy, just writhing back against Kyungsoo, the other boy’s lips nibbling and kissing down his throat. He just wanted to get off, and Kyungsoo’s hand just felt amazing on his erection as it slipped inside his soft sweatpants and curled around him.
Kyungsoo’s fingers slowly trailed down his cock, past his balls to his opening. Jongin let out a breathy sigh as the tip of a finger dipped inside, pressing in teasingly.
“You’re still so stretched and slick from last night, Jongin. ” Kyungsoo breathed into his hear, hot and shivery. “How many cocks fucked you last night, hm? I bet I could just. slide in right now. ”
Hands quickly pulled his pants off his legs, and Jongin stretched out, pushing his ass up, offering it to Kyungsoo’s fondling hands. They held his asscheeks open for a few seconds, and Jongin breathed into his pillow.
Kyungsoo fucked into him in one smooth thrust, his cock thankfully coated with more lube. Jongin just laid there, basking in the warmth and fullness of being fucked, his mind half-asleep still. It wasn’t quite the gentle hands he had envisioned in his dreams, but this was good enough.
“You’re so easy, Jongin. always so ready for a good fuck. the others can’t stop talking about it. ” Kyungsoo kept murmuring into his ear dirty nothings. Jongin chuckled low in his throat.
“Yeah? Do you all compare and contrast your notes or something?”
“Mhmm, and then we rate you on a scale of ten,” Kyungsoo laughed as his hips snapped forward, making a wet slapping sound. His hand came up to brush against Jongin’s nipples, and he jerked in Kyungsoo’s arms. He dropped his forehead against the mattress and closed his eyes, letting Kyungsoo fuck him into compliance.

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