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Gay anal forced shave literotica
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US embassy in Kabul Security staff in naked games sex scandal.
Security staff at the US embassy in Kabul have become embroiled in a sex scandal over a video of them playing perverse naked games.
Mallorcan orgy videos Is nightclub sex night a tourist porn trap?
Videos of Germans taking part in a wild sex orgy in a Mallorcan nightclub are finding their way onto the internet – is it just a tourist porn trap?
Germans behave badly Wild Mallorcan nightclub sex orgy on video.
It is not just the Brits who are behaving badly abroad – Germans who had a wild sex orgy at a Mallorcan nightclub were caught on video.
Swine flu bordello Brothel punters disinfected against H1N1.
A German brothel is disinfecting punters to stop the spread of swine flu. Bordello prostitutes have lost customers because of the H1N1 virus.
Vodka and prostitutes Russians take over holiday hotspot.
Germans are infuriated by the Russian invasion of their favourite holiday hotspot in Turkey which has been flooded by vodka-guzzlers and prostitutes.
Colonel Gaddafi UN Libyan leader: “I want to abolish Switzerland!”
Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi has revealed he wants to abolish Switzerland and share out its land in a bizarre motion tabled at the UN.
Tourists have been snapped with their pants down with local working girls in the roads around the historic ‘La Boqueria’ market hall in the city centre.
Local residents have released pictures of the public shows in the popular Spanish destination.
Men are simply dropping their trousers and underwear for quick oral or full-on sex.
Many of the prostitutes involved are African drug users who offer their services for only a few Euros.
The “dirty and degrading pictures of young women on their knees or with their backs to their customers” are commanding proof of the failure of measures against urban prostitution, according to Spanish newspaper ‘ El Pais ’.
Local residents and business leaders alike are fed up – Barcelona has a sex problem!
One shop worker revealed that she had to clean up used condoms in front of her store every morning.
“It is shameful. The girls do simply everything, they are hardly concealed by the parked trucks,” one cheesemonger said.
A night watchman, who can see the scandal on his surveillance screens, said he had to turn away again and again in disgust.
The area’s problem is that it does not provide appropriate premises, according to a spokeswoman from a citizens’ organisation.
And the police are powerless – even heavy punishments do not dissuade men and women from having sex in the streets.
In Sweden Being A Prostitute Is Legal — But Paying One Isn't.
The “Nordic model” is becoming ever more influential around the world. But public health officials and some human rights workers wonder if Sweden is making life worse for prostitutes.
STOCKHOLM — If you want to trade money for sex, Stockholm’s red-light district is likely to disappoint you. Empty and quiet at nearly 10 p.m. on a recent Thursday evening, its central street looks more like a small city's business district buttoned down after hours than an illicit sex market.
The nearly half-mile long Malmskillnadsgatan Street begins at the bay that rings Sweden's parliament building, crosses over a glowing shopping plaza, and ends at a cluster of high-rise offices and a subway stop. There, two middle-aged women with short skirts, long blonde hair, and light puffer jackets emerge and stroll slowly toward the water. When they run into a young man, they light cigarettes and chat him up. An hour later, they're still talking.
In Sweden, all that chatting could make the young man a criminal. In the fight to stamp out transactional sex, the Swedes have flipped the prostitution paradigm on its head. Here, prostitution is perfectly legal. Women (or men, for that matter) can sell all the sex they want. It's only illegal for a man — and it's almost always a man — to pay for it.
“This is really difficult for people around the world to understand,” said Olga Persson, the secretary general of the Swedish Association of Women's Shelters and Young Women's Empowerment Centers. “I can see that in the eyes of people when you talk about it.”
Persson believes this arrangement protects women, challenges gender stereotypes, and puts society on a path toward reducing violence against women. Supporters of the law say it has reduced street prostitution, helped curb sex trafficking, and shifted the social shame that has always stigmatized transactional sex away from women and on to men.
The 15-year-old law has been copied in Norway and Iceland; Finland and the United Kingdom have adopted a modified version. But this year, the approach now known as the “Nordic model” has seen its influence skyrocket. The European Parliament — where just four years ago “people were actually laughing about the Swedish legislation,” said Persson — endorsed the model in February. A French Senate committee this week is considering a bill based on Sweden's law, after the lower house approved it in December. Ireland has been considering the Nordic model as well, and this week Canada is holding hearings into whether it should jump on the Swedish ship.

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