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The women owe the recruiters money that they have to pay back by working. A voodoo priest is brought in who enforces an agreement and makes sure that the woman pays off her debt. Women often walk into a trap, where there are not only towering, hardly redeemable debts, but also intimidating ritual practices in which the traffickers have a big hand. According to research (Van Dijk and others, 1999) this involves voodoo in a manipulative sense of the word, where there are all kinds of intimidating practices of traffickers who abuse certain rituals to fill the women with fear. The goal of these rituals, which can also take place in the Netherlands, is to create a threatening context in which the women could come under a great pressure to pay off their debts. For this purpose also physical threats and violence is used.
The Dutch asylum procedure is used to bring Western African women into the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or elsewhere into prostitution. After arriving in the Netherlands the women, as was agreed, apply for political asylum, tell an instructed story and go – in relation to their (feigned) minority – into the AMA-procedure. In most cases the AMA’s leave the refugee centre within a view days ‘With Unknown Destination’. Namely after arriving in the refugee centre they call a memorised phone number of a trafficker in the Netherlands. The girls are collected and then are trafficked to a ‘madame’ for whom they have to work to pay off their debts (Vellinga, 1999).
Marfo is typically modest about his achievements. Sitting in his flat with a commanding view overlooking the tower blocks, Marfo gestures towards the window. ‘If we walked a bit down there I could show you where the women were marketed, bargained for and sold,’ he says. ‘The place was an open space-a sports area where people liked to be-but the bulldozers are very busy there now.’
‘It was subtle and only those involved knew exactly what it was. For instance, you would see a guy walking [along] with three or four young girls. They would all have one trademark hairdo. Whenever you saw a guy with a lot of chains around his neck, or a woman with three or four girls following her, you knew it was a madam or a pimp.’ The deals were done by nods and whispers. The girls were discreetly paraded in front of prospective buyers, sometimes from Belgium, Luxembourg or other parts of Europe. ‘Usually the person who brings them will not put them to work but resell them to a second buyer,’ explains Marfo. ‘The second buyer may even sell them to a third buyer. But sure, the second buyer will use them.
‘The price depends entirely on the physical appearance of the woman. A tall woman with a good figure and nice bone structure will get a good price, perhaps around 30,000 dollars.
‘Once she’s been “sold” her new “owner” will make her work to earn this money back. She remains a slave for a period of five to seven years. She has to work and she has to make about 60,000 to 80,000 dollars for this person. And until she’s finished she remains effectively a slave.’
The girls are ‘softened up’ to make them more suitable for their new Owners, Marfo says. They are introduced to smoking, drinking and drugs to make them feel high and to lower their inhibitions, as for these girls it is a cultural shock too-they are not used to being naked in front of another person.
According to Marfo, the pimps and madams employ professional torturers and voodoo to scare the girls into submission. ‘When the girls are bought they usually have to inculcate into them fear and respect [so that they] take orders, [and] never ask questions. ‘It is a culture which is very heavily superstitious, with many gods. They take body parts like fingernails, blood from all parts of [the woman’s] body, saliva, hair from her head, armpit and private parts, clothing and underwear. They use these to “conjure up” powers against you if you break any of their “rules”. The girls believe that if they go against it they will die, and their parents will die. So [the gangs] keep them perpetually in this bondage.
‘Coupled with this voodoo, there is the physical torture that they undergo daily. They are told that if they ever go to the police they are dead.
‘But for many the biggest torture is psychological. It is threats against their parents back home in Africa. The girls are told that if they do not cooperate, their parents, brothers and sisters will be killed. The mother will call [and say] that people have come to her and threatened to kill her because she has been misbehaving. The mother will be pleading with her to work obediently.
‘They become very pliable. I know of cases where even after they have been rescued they go back to the pimps. They have been so psychologically imprisoned that independence from them is quite a big task.
‘Before they are brought here, legal contracts are sometimes signed by the parents, giving out their children to be sold like this. These are illiterate children and parents from the villages. They have never heard the word “dollar” before and they have no idea what it is, let alone how much it is in their currency. They have no idea that it means you have to be a slave for so many years.

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