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Most tourists visit Mtwapa because of its unique night and day life . Mtwapa is known as the “village that never sleeps” with all kind of entertainment that tourists expect to find, like discos, bars, restaurants, and also prostitution. Mombasa and especially Mtwapa are known for sex tourism. You will find contact with Kenyan women and men on the beach or in the beach bars, who try to bind themselves to a tourist in search of a better life. Money, not sympathy, is what they are looking for. Take the usual precautions against HIV infections if you decide to have sex in Mtwapa. Boat trips into the creek (
Ksh 5000), hire a sailing boat or deep sea fishing . All start in the immediate vicinity of Moorings Restaurant. Watersports : at Kanamai and Shandzu Beach, diving, snorkelling, surfing, etc. Glass bottom boat tour plus snorkelling at Mombasa Marine Park. Park entrance fee: USD 17, tour costs Ksh 1500-2000. Mountain bike tours around the creek. Karting : 5 km south of Mtwapa at Bamburi Beach Paint Ball : Information at the kart track in Bamburi Children’s playgrounds : There is a place right next to the bridge over the creek, opposite the Mtwapa Police. A larger Lunapark is located towards Mombasa at the entrance of Mamba Village (Left Rd., At the Nyali Golf Club). The Wildwater Adventure Bath nearby is also popular with children. Walking : Mtwapa town is too noisy to enjoy walking. The 4-km walk along the beach starting at the Maridadi Restaurant near Kanamai to the Sand Castle Beach Bar at the end of the beach near Kikambala is a real pleasure, as the beach is only frequented by locals and very few tourists. Therefore you can enjoy quiet walking without being bothered by beach boys or souvenir sellers. Safaris : There are good travel offices in Mtwapa but it might be good to also check the offers of the big companies situated in Mombasa or Diani Beach. Most common safari destinations from Mtwapa are Maasai Mara, Tsavo East National Park, Tsavo West National Park and Shimba Hills National Reserve. The Tsavo National Parks are easy to reach from the coast by car and you will find here basically all the animals. Tsavo East is more open, with many animals. Tsavo West is rocky with many shrubs and relatively few animals in interesting landscape. Amboseli is quite flat, often dusty, with a large swamp area and spectacular views of the Kilimanjaro, many elephants. This park is more recommended in combination with the Tsavos, but you should then plan several nights. Masai Mara are mostly flight safaris, with short distances, all animals to find, usually even better than in the other parks. You can also drive in each park with your own car or a rental car. This is cheaper than guided safaris, but you also have less wildlife sightings. But there is also the possibility hire a guide. At the park entrances or at the park hotel you can ask for guides. The main routes in the parks are mostly well signposted, but on the small slopes you can quickly lose your bearings if you do not know the area. Mtwapa also has nice beaches with beach hotels or beach bars which are not crowded and perfect for relaxing: -3.9397 39.7762 1 Kanamai-Kikambala Beach : A scenic beach with typical palms and white sand. Once a centre of tourism is now only frequented by locals. To reach there is best by taxi as the road is quite rough. -3.9502 39.7689 2 Jumba Ruins Beach : a small but very nice and lonely beach. -3.95618 39.75850 3 Beach Africa : small beach at Mangroves, at low tide you can walk to Cobba Cabana along the beach. It’s a very nice walk. -3.95630 39.75520 4 Cobba Cabana Beach : not really clean beach at Mangroves, frequented for swimming by locals but nice place to make a walk. -3.96516 39.76026 5 Shanzu Beach : is a very scenic beach and less frequented than Bambouri Beach. Day and night life is there but less than at Bambouri beach. reachable even with motorbike taxi. -3.9991 39.7314 6 Bamburi Beach : the most lively beach near Mombasa, good day and night live, often crowded by locals, many hotels, pubs, beach bars, beach boys and beach girls, sellers, reachable by Matatu. At Big Tree Beach Bar you can hire a locker to enjoy the beach without your belongings getting stolen while you are in the water. At low tide you can go at the northern end of the beach around two rocks to Shanzu Beach. The tidal range between low tide and high tide is very pronounced on the Mtwapa coast! If you want to go for a walk along the beach, you should inform yourself in advance about the tides, because it can happen that the way back is cut off through the returning tide.
Money : At the ATMs in Mtwapa all popular international cards work fine and at all banks cash can be exchanged. A good place for banks and ATMs is the Mtwapa Mall . The exchange course at the banks is better than in hotels where you can also exchange money. When banks are closed there are some shops with good rates next to the Cheers Restaurant in Bamburi along the main road to Mombasa. In larger shops and hotels you can usually pay with credit cards.
Like in all of Africa, haggling is common in small shops. Especially if you are an obvious foreigner, the initial price is usually higher than what is normally paid for the merchandise.

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