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Bloody virginity loss
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In March 2006 the campaign “Responsible John. Prostitution without compulsion and violence” [38] was started by the government of Berlin. [39] It provides a list of signs of forced prostitution and urges prostitutes’ customers to call a hotline if they spot one of those signs.
In April 2006, an advertisement for the Pascha brothel in Cologne that featured a several story image of a half-naked woman with the flags of 2006 FIFA World Cup countries sparked outrage after Muslims were offended by the inclusion of the Saudi Arabian and Iranian flags. The Pascha brothel’s owner, Armin Lobscheid, said a group of Muslims had threatened violence over the advertisement, and he blacked out the two flags. However, the Tunisian flag that features the Muslim crescent remained on the advertisement.
On 30 June 2006, the New York Times reported that the expected increase in prostitution activity around the World Cup had not taken place. [40] This was confirmed by the 2006 BKA report on human trafficking, which reported only 5 cases of human trafficking related to the World Cup. [41]
Studies in the early 1990s estimated that about 50,000–200,000 women and some men worked as prostitutes in Germany. [13] The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality , published in 1997, reported that over 100,000 women work in prostitution in Germany. [42] A 2005 study gave 200,000 as a “halfway realistic estimate”. [43] The prostitutes’ organization Hydra puts the number at 400,000, and this number is typically quoted in the press today. A 2009 study by TAMPEP also gave the Hydra estimate of 400,000 full or part-time prostitutes, with 93% being female, 3% transgender and 4% male. [2]
The same study found that 63% of the prostitutes in Germany were foreigners, with two thirds of them coming from Central and Eastern Europe. In 1999 the proportion of foreign prostitutes had been 52%. The increase was attributed to the EU enlargement. [2] [44]
From other studies, it is estimated that between 10% and 30% of the male adult population have had experiences with prostitutes. [42] Of those 17-year-old males in West Germany with experience of intercourse, 8% have had sex with a prostitute. [42]
A 2009 survey identified the following main vulnerability factors for German sex workers (in the order of importance):
Financial problems, including debts and poverty. Violence and abuse by clients, police and pimps. No professional identity; lack of self-confidence. Stigma and discrimination. Exploitative personal dependencies. [2]
Street prostitution ( Stra?enstrich )
Regular street prostitution is often quite well organized and controlled by pimps. Most cities however established “Sperrbezirke” (off-limits zones) and charge the streetwalkers an amusement tax, that in the city of Bonn for instance is paid by the streetwalkers at parking meters, six euro for a period of about eight night hours. The same fee is collected from prostitutes in apartments and brothels, sometimes by municipal tax collectors in person. Some prostitutes have a nearby caravan, others use the customer’s car, still others use hotel rooms. With recent economic problems, in some large cities “wild” street prostitution has started to appear: areas where women work temporarily out of short-term financial need. A “sex drive-in”, or “Verrichtungsbox”, is a facility of structures to enclose cars to provide a safer place for prostitution using cars. [45]
Prostitution for the procurement of narcotics.
In every major German city there are prostitutes who offer their services to procure drugs. This often takes place near the main railway stations, while the act usually takes place in the customer’s car or in a nearby rented room. These prostitutes are the most desperate, often underage, and their services are generally the cheapest. Pimps and brothel owners try to avoid drug-addicted prostitutes, as they are inclined to spend their earnings solely or primarily on drugs. Other prostitutes tend to look down on them as well, because they are considered as lowering the market prices.
In a unique effort to move drug-addicted streetwalkers out of the city center and reduce violence against these women, the city of Cologne in 2001 created a special area for tolerated street prostitution in Geestemunder Stra?e . Dealers and pimps are not tolerated, the parking places have alarm buttons and the women are provided with a cafeteria, showers, clean needles and counselling. The project, modelled on the Dutch tippelzones , is supervised by an organisation of Catholic women. [46] A positive scientific evaluation was published in 2004. [47]
In bars, women try to induce men to buy expensive drinks along with the sexual services. Sex usually takes place in a separate but attached building. Prices are mostly set by the bar owner and the money is shared between the owner and the prostitute.
Police Arrest `Johns’ In Prostitution Sting.
NEWPORT NEWS — Under the cover of darkness, a man in a sport utility vehicle slows after he sees the shadow of a woman pacing in front of The Patton Motel on Jefferson Avenue. The driver passes, then a minute later returns and pulls into the dimly lit parking lot.

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