Anal medical doctor

Anal medical doctor

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Thai dragon peppers make a very special stuffing for a certain sort of cooking show, if you know what I mean and I think you do:

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She simply could not stop cursing her Master during punishments. Repeated mouthsoapings did not do the trick. So he decided to have his slave trainer try to burn out the bad language:

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These tourists took off their bathing suits in the wrong third-world country. This figging is just the prelude to the bamboo caning they are going to be getting:

The artist is Silvio Dante, for a website that no longer exists.

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A Painful Suppository.

Sometimes people have very detailed figging-type fantasies. I saw this one in a comment on Spanking Blog (where I think it may have since been deleted, as it was completely unrelated to the post where it was put):

Ok melt four ounces of clear glycerin soap. Add 2 tablespoons hot chili powder 2 tablespoons hot curry powder mix well. Pour into zip lock bag. Twist until all solution is in one corner of bag. Allow to cool and harden remove bag from suppository. Cut the suppository flat at the largest point this will make it so it cannot be pushed back out until it has melted. Which is going to be the worst hour of her life.

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I think this guy may have anger issues? But the make-your-own-suppository angle is creative.

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A nice closeup of a woman figged from the Erectus tumblr. With this caption: “Carve a ginger root. Insert it in her anus. Figging, it’s that easy!”

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Blonde slut Jessica thinks she is pregnant for she hasn’t had her menstruations for two months already. She comes to a gynecology clinic for a private gyno exam. She signs up at the reception for a medical examination and waits for the nurse. Then a cute blonde nurse Parker comes, asks her several questions as to her health and then gets down to medical exam. She checks her pulse and her breath and then performs a careful boob exam. And then its time for a deep vagina exam. Parker checks her pelvic and views her vagina with a speculum. After that she asked her to lie face down for anal exam. She took some lube on her finger and inserted it into Jessica’s sweet ass. The medical exam ended with a rectal thermometer.

“As you may have already noticed, Doctor Wade, Lauren is an especially interesting patient, and I wanted your input concerning her “problem”, although frankly I’m not sure that I consider it to be a real problem, if you know what I mean.” John reached between Lauren’s legs and pointed to her body parts as he continued. “Her vaginal opening is normal in size and configuration, her hymen no longer intact. The clitoris (he touched it with the tip of his ungloved finger as he spoke) is of normal size and responds to stimuli in a very normal fashion. (He stroked Lauren’s clit, allowing it to swell and extend itself as we watched. Donna licked her lips and smiled at Lauren as her hips jerked from the contact) As you can see, the labia major are un-remarkable and have the elasticity which one might expect at Lauren’s age and degree of sexual experience.” (John spread her outer cunt lips open with two fingers of his right hand, allowing me to look further inside her pussy). Then he inserted a speculum to get better view of her cervix.

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Medical School.

A skull affected by Sarcoma Cranii, an Aggressive Type of Bone Cancer. The rough, crystalline surface of the frontal and zygomatic bones is the product of the ossification of the lesion.

An indictment of our healthcare system. Uber is less expensive.

millennials are killing the ambulance industry.

[] No, people who had no way to get to the hospital during non-life-threatening situations but still needed medical attention would call an ambulance when it isn’t necessary, taking away an ambulance from somebody who needs one for an actual golden hour emergency. Uber allows people to pay a small charge to go to the hospital, saving time for ambulances needed in their stationed areas and saving money for the person who has a small emergency like the flu or a broken finger. They’re not killing the ambulance service but freeing up units that are needed for real emergencies such as car accidents, drug overdoses or cardiac arrests where time is the deciding factor between life and death. []

“No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.” – Regina Brett.

I think the thing that annoys me the most about medical tv shows is the fully stocked linen carts and supply pyxis.

My kingdom for another pillow!

Everything that sounds fun or interesting in life has been ruined by my trauma patients hurting themselves immensely while doing said thing…

School is no longer about learning; it’s about passing.

Can you answer this NCLEX-RN question?

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Video: Removing the Cerebral Hydatid Cyst !

Brain involvement with hydatid disease occurs in 1-2% of all Echinococcus granulosus infections (tapeworm infection). Cerebral hydatid cysts are usually supratentorial, whereas infratentorial lesions are quite rare.

Surface anatomy of the human heart.

The heart is demarcated by:

-A point 9 cm to the left of the midsternal line (apex of the heart)

-The seventh right sternocostal articulation.

-The upper border of the third right costal cartilage 1 cm from the right sternal line.

-The lower border of the second left costal cartilage 2.5 cm from the left lateral sternal lin.

Why we don’t answer medical questions online.

We could be anyone; this is the internet, after all. You believe that anonymous internet medipeeps are doctors, but they may not be. If you don’t know someone’s name and number, can you really trust them with your health? It’s risky to trust information from unnamed and unverified sources.And that includes us! You also don’t know if we have any undeclared interest in particular treatments. I might be telling you to take drug A because I’m actually working for said company. Many medblrs are still medical students or very junior staff. Which means that although we know a lot about many things, we are by no means qualified to take on our own patients and offer health advice without supervision in our day job. And if we can’t do something in real life, we’re not able to do it online either. We don’t get anywhere near enough information to make a decision in most anonymous health-related asks. But we can’t bring you back to ask for more information. When you see your healthcare provider, a lot of things happen. They take a detailed history, including asking lots of questions about things you may not have considered to be related to your problem. It’s much harder for us to ask all the right questions if you send an anonymous ask. They then they examine any body system they think is relevant. This is sometimes enough (for the kind of things we see the GP about), but often they will need to order some blood tests and occasionally further investigations. There is a lot of information we can only get through seeing and testing you. If your situation is complicated, you’ll still need to see a doctor in real life, who can do the right tests and refer you to the right speciality.And without all of the above, there is a very real chance that we may miss something that shouldn’t be missed.

Why it’s bad for us Medblrs:

By answering a medical question, you’re asking us to take a certain level of responsibility for you. Both ethically and legally. If we mistakenly told you your symptoms weren’t serious, but they actually were and and something bad happened to you, we would blame ourselves. Believe me medics blame themselves a lot. We’re under strict legal frameworks of what we can and can’t do. And most frameworks would suggest that taking responsibility for strangers on the basis of hastily written asks would be a bad idea for all involved. You could sue us because something bad happened to you, even if you neglected to metion loads of relevant symptoms. You probably wouldn’t, but there are lots of people who sue for all sorts of reasons and if we answered enough questions, we’d probably be sued eventually. Bearing in mind that we don’t have to answer asks as part of our degree or job, we’d be on a shaky footing legally when it came to defending our actions. Most of us are not legally covered for it. As students or juniors, we don’t take our own patients. We’re not allowed to take responsibility for the treatment of patients in different departments or under different teams, let alone random anonymous strangers online. Some of us struggle with depresison and anxiety, and the stress of taking on resonsibility for someone’s health and possibly life outside of the legal framework we are comfortable working in can be triggering. Nobody is obligated to work for free; and anyone with experience and training has spent a lot of time and money to get there. Answering medical questions looks suspiciously like work for free. There is a difference between someone volunteering to work for free and free work being foisted on them. When we work in hospital, it’s as part of a team. We have seniors we can double-check with when we’re out of my depth or dealing with something we haven’t seen before. But online we can’t exactly ask our seniors or tutors ‘This random person on Tumblr gave me an incomplete history, but can you advise?’ because they wouldn’t take responsibilty for someone who is not their patient. And that would leave us with nobody to turn to if we had questions. Which would mean worse advise for you. GPs see patients alone, but they’ve had years of training on how to diagnose serious things out in the community, and when tto refer to hospital. They still refer to hospital a lot, because even they can’t find everything out by themselves.

I’m not against senior clinicians (like some of our medblrs) choosing to answer health-related asks; Anyone who is a fully trained clinician to a level deemed competent to take their on patients has every right to use their expertise in their field as they see fit. When done right, it can be useful.

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Anal medical doctor

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Anal medical doctor


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