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This afternoon Mr. Manuel at the Lord Hotel took us to (and up) the Amazon for 15 000 C ( about $6 ). It is one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had. Why? Because:
Junction of Rio Negro (black) and Amazon (red). Interesting sights on shore. Small canoe trip into the jungle Magnificent sunset on the river Saw a shooting star.
We went to the junction , then into a tributary of the Amazon. Sparse houses on shore (fair, often blonde people inhabiting – Portuguese ancestry? –> Yes) At one point 8 or 9 of us got into a small boat with an outboard motor and went up a narrow part. Saw monkeys and scarlet macaws overhead – what a sound those birds made. Snapped the macaws. On the way out – several pictures of sunset – magnificent. Place so calm, no flies, quiet, cloudless (amost) sky. Gave me many inexpressible feelings.
Can eat well here at Restaurante e Bar Miranhenses.: Steak, rice & chips for 2500 C (less than U$ 1). Can have a beautifully served meal at another place, we had a choice of steaks or fish (both delic.) Meal came to less than U$ 2.
I have never seen such friendly girls – ratio is 8:1 so they have to be friendly – they also must marry as virgins. Some very beautiful.
Tomorrow we leave Manaus for Belem by boat (1000 miles down the Amazon). It costs $6 third class and $22 first class!
N.B. Sweet drink made in Manaus – Guarana 600 cc for 200 C. Delicious.
Monday in Manaus we discovered that a bunch of congressmen had bought up all the first class tickets so we were left with third class. Bought hammocks to use. Took pictures in the afternoon. bought food, cups, can opener, etc.
Got on the boat (note – Monday) with Dick Powell, Tim Schnapps, Jay Lopez, George . Ian and George (Oike). Put up hammocks and got to sleep shortly after the boat left at 8:10 PM.
Tuesday morning – had a third class breakfast – coffee and bread. Read and got acquainted with Edna and Dorothy, who live in Belem. Dorothy is a blonde Portuguese girl – lovely complexion.
At lunch time – no coffee served – the bar closed – ate sardines and bread (bought in Manaus). Bar opened at 3 PM. Drank like a fish.
Night – uneventful. Scuttling each other in hammocks.
Wednesday at 1 AM – Reached Santarem, the Lobo D’Almada’s main stop, ahead of schedule – congressmen have influence, I guess. In the morning the usual bread and coffee. (Note: Could not drink the water or eat fresh salad, so we stuck to our stock of bread and sardines. )
Left Santarem Wednesday at 8:20 AM after a seven hour stop, during which we had to stay on board.
Afternoon: hardly yet begun. Sardines and bread for lunch. No coffee. Bar closed. Ate an orange. Drank beer later with Jay, who’s played some football. Inter-mural football is a big thing at Notre dame. Equipment, coach, competition for positions, etc.
Night: Played hearts.
Lovely sunrise – completed roll B. (Note: Agfa slide film, 36 exposures) Then came the riot squad to clean the ship. Small brooms – inefficient – wetting luggage, wetting deck below. Lay around, played cards until 2 PM – the boring life of Riley.
Belem – arrived the same day, Thursday, at 9 PM. No open hotel – slung up our hammocks on the boat. Number of whores depressing. Fantastic market and mud-port. Men scurrying along – large wooden trays on their heads, jungle drug store selling bush cures, whites, indians, negroes and every combination of the three. bananas, skins, toucan beaks, sea horses, trinkets, vegetables, fruits. Very busy when we were there – 7:30 AM Saturday. has tall buildings, not attractive tho’, sells Guara Suco and Lara Suco, local sweet drinks for 250 C. Beer Ceipu – 750 cc, Brahma & Antartica 1000 cc.
Stayed at Hotel Bare , met a Lithuanian chemical engineer – well-educated, who asked me to the movies. This might be quite normal in Lithuania, but I declined. Hammock again was useful – only two beds in my room with George and Ian.
Cobblestone streets, some paved, buses, cars (many VW’s).
Characters / The Mindy Project.
A-Cup Angst: Zigzagged. She’s very inconsistent about her breasts, sometimes bemoaning their small size, at other times proudly calling them huge (despite everyone else considering them fairly small). The best way to put it is she doesn’t like having small breasts, so she overcompensates by calling them huge. Adorkable: So very, very much. Belligerent Sexual Tension: Actually has this with most of the men she dates. With Brendan Deslauriers it comes from having a relationship with her Sitcom Archnemesis. Josh was introduced being very sleazy with he and Mindy both talking down to each other. Casey’s introduction was him attacking Mindy from a moral high ground. Butts heads with Danny very frequently, but also has a great deal of sexual tension. Her introduction to Ben was him leading a group of nurses in a strike due to unfair treatment from doctors like Mindy Big Beautiful Woman: The show is not shy about pointing out her curves. In her own words “I am not overweight, I fluctuate between chubby and curvy.” Big Breast Pride: Mindy alternates between being sad about her small bust size (“Somewhere between an A and a B cup”) and proud of having “huge boobs.” Bollywood Nerd: Zig-zagged. Crazy-Prepared: Most of the time she is this normally; her job as a doctor has her prepared to drop everything and go to the hospital when needed. Other times, her attempt to be prepared leads her to do weird things like wear a scary looking burlap bag over her head while she sleeps if a serial killer comes in. Deadpan Snarker: All consumingly. The Fashionista: Lacks the thin, long body type but every episode practically has her as a one-woman fashion show. Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Not the most serious or responsible, but she is more settled and has her crap together compared to Rishi. The Idealist Informed Attribute: She’s repeatedly said to be a gun-owner, but never is shown actually using one. It’s All About Me: Very self-centered. Even when she’s doing “altruistic” acts, it’s usually all about her. For example, she was upset about the prison riot she she caused when doing volunteer work because it interfered with her altruistic act (which was done solely to show a guy she’s a good person). Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: Occasionally. It’s part of her being Wrong Genre Savvy. She’s seen so many romantic movies that among the tropes she believes in leads her to pursue men that are not a good fit. Not So Different: Finds out to her chagrin that Danny’s Mom has a habit of taking her time getting to appointments. Self-Deprecation: Frequently done. She knows she’s not perfect, though she usually does try to hide it. Slapstick Knows No Gender: Apart from her general tendency to fall over, Mindy has been soaked by an automatic shower in someone else’s bathroom and also took a cake in the face. Wrong Genre Savvy: Grew up watching way too many romantic comedies, and it really doesn’t work out for her when she tries to emulate them.

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