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The girls who have very limited education can easily fall prey to traffickers. The low social status of women also fuels young girls to be trafficked. The local programs that focus on empowering women and girls through education might help to prevent the danger of being sold. For example, the Karen Young Women’s Leadership School in the Karen refugee camps on the Thai/Burma border aims to increase literacy rates, and to empower young women to have a voice, to realize their leadership ability and move towards women’s participation. (
Unfortunately, this kind of program cannot cover rural communities in Burma where young girls are trafficked. The Burmese government also restricts the NGOs to do an effective work in those regions.
Awareness campaigns might be effective in educating people about the danger of sex trafficking. However, if there is no employment opportunities, young girls and women from Burma would still migrate to Thailand to get a job, even though they are aware of the dangers of being trafficked.
“90% of trafficked sex workers in northern Thailand today are from Burma. He says this pattern will not change until the situation in Burma improves.” (
As long as poverty persists, it would be extremely difficult to prevent trafficking. Attacking poverty is almost impossible to accomplish. Thus, major barriers in these steps are difficultly in fighting poverty and difficulty in reaching education and empowerment programs to many regions.
2) Promoting the health and human rights of sex workers and migrant workers.
If trafficked victims or sex workers receive adequate sex education, they might be able to prevent getting AIDS . The project funded by global fund to fight AIDS called “PHAMIT” addresses the prevention of HIV/AIDS among migrant workers in Thailand. However, even if they have knowledge about HIV/AIDS, the girls may not be able to demand their clients to use condoms.
Another effective way would be to install some programs that provide low cost health care to migrant workers, regardless of their status. This would reduce the financial and safety concern of trafficked girls whenever they need to see a doctor for their health problems. The ethnic minority association group called, “Shan Women’s Action Network” runs three community health centers for migrant populations on the Thai-Myanmar border. There is a need for these kinds of community health centers in many regions of Thailand.
Instead of distinguishing sex-trafficked victims or prostitutes, promoting human rights of sex workers in general might be beneficial for them. For example, the feminist NGO called, Global Alliance against trafficking in women aims to facilitate self-empowerment of sex workers in the fight for their rights, rather than the more traditional approach of “saving” women from prostitution. It also works to ensure the protection of the human rights of female migrant workers by authorities and agencies. The GAATW claims that many anti-trafficking policies have led to negative consequences for the people they are intended to help.
Another traditional method of intervention is the raid of brothels by Thai government. It is probably the only way the trafficked victims could escape from debt bondage and abuse of the brothel owners. However, it is not a “happily-ever-after” ending after girls have escaped from brothels.
This issue would continue to.
3) addressing trafficked victims after being “saved” from brothels.
I will cover this next week. Please feel free to give me suggestions. I spent hours thinking about what should be done to prevent this issue. But still, I wasn’t able to come up with a good solution. I’d like to hear your thoughts.
So Who are the Customers, Really?
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